July Meditation Schedule 

Tuesday June 2nd 8:30-9am
Tuesday June 9th 6-6:30pm
Tuesday June 16th 8:30- 9am
Saturday June 20th 8:30-9am
Tuesday June 23rd 6-6:30pm
Saturday June 27th -8:30-9am


If you've been feeling a little stressed, want to improve your focus, gain some clarity or are just curious, get your body over to Hermosa Beach and join me for a FREE guided mindfulness meditation on the sand!

This powerful practice used by CEO’s, professional athletes, the military and many others with a lot on their plate.  Not only has meditation been shown to reduce our stress response by actually changing the structure of our brain, mediation has shown to improve quality of sleep, mood, focus, and heighten awareness. 

So how do you begin?!

Meet us @ 14th St. & the Strand (beach) in Hermosa Beach!

All you need is you and a blanket or towel to sit on! Please dress warm; it’s usually chilly in the morning!

All are welcome!!

Take a Breathe by the Waves..

Breathe. Move.​ Eat. Heal. Th​rive!.

Whole & Happy